A special gift

In Zambia, at Chikuni

Even this year we have chosen to celebrate Christmas with a special gift, making a symbolic gesture of solidarity by donating the value intended for Christmas gifts to the non-profit Onlus Arché Foundation, which has been working for more than twenty years in Italy and in the south of the world, dealing with the fragility of the child, whether it be a HIV-positive kid, an immigrant, a bearer of psychological distress, physical or social.

We even renew our support for 2016 to Arché and its activities in the Sub Saharan Africa, particularly in Zambia, where it has been working for years with the oldest Catholic mission of the south of the country, Chikuni, with the goal of creating a continuity of relationship, of accompanying and sharing. It is, as a matter of fact, through the "being with", "thinking about the future with", through projects definitely more effective in the medium and long term than the spot ones that the "cultural" evolution of a community can be promoted.

Education for Life

For example, through the project "Education for Life", Arché has been trying for years to increase the income of families who welcome and take care of orphaned children, so that they are able to cover both care and education costs of them even when external economic support ceases.


Discover more on the project "Education for Life"

Education for Life

It is a modus operandi we fully share, and this is why we want to give continuity to our support to Arché, so that people and operators in Chikuni are able to have even better results down a path of commitment and lasting growth through time.

Today, our best wishes are for you and, at the same time, they become a real help to the volunteers of Arché, who will be close and able to support the children in Chikuni next year as well.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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