Archè continues its activities in Zambia

Archè continues its activities in Zambia

The team of volunteers from the no-profit organisation Fondazione Arché met and involved hundreds of adolescents and adults in education and training camps in the area of ​​Chikuni

Another small, yet great result was achieved by voluntary workers from the no-profit organisation Foundation Arché, in Chikuni, Zambia. Fir Italia is among those supporting the team in their attempt to create a continuity of relationships, support and sharing between local communities.

In August, animation and training camps for adolescents were held in the villages that are part of the Chikuni mission. The slogan for the initiatives, "Cibuye tapi", is significant: it is a Chitonga proverb that means “if you want to learn, grow up and mature, do not sit still, closed inside yourself; move, meet people, use critical dialogue”.

For the second year running, the Archè volunteers met with the teenagers in their home environment, three particularly isolated villages: Michelo, Kasikili and Kayola. Without a doubt, it was a challenge for the three Italian volunteers who participated in the camps: Chiara, Erica and Maria Claudia. For four consecutive days in each village, they shared the same lifestyle and daily struggles as Zambian teenagers living in rural areas. The Arché team’s choice to "move away from town centres" and carry out activities in the villages, stems from a precise logic: that of making it possible for everyone to participate, including those living in remote areas of the mission, as well as to actively involve the local community that were hosting the team and Italian volunteers; the parents or guardians contributed food and firewood, and they cooked for their children every day.

The main objective of the camps, in line with the training and education programme for adolescents in schools, is the development of the participants’ mindset and critical thinking skills. The camps not only permitted the participants to learn critical dialogue under the guidance of educators, but the educators also had the opportunity to discuss new issues with teenagers, and to look further into topics such as responsibility for the care of others, the negativity of superficial relationships, the importance of getting to truly know a person to be able to understand her/him and build a rewarding relationship, and our duty to critically analyse our own and others' behaviour so that we can make responsible decisions.

149 adolescents (87 females and 62 males), aged between 12 and 17 years old and mostly orphans or living in severe discomfort, participated in the three camps organised and managed by the Arché team.

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