Architecture as an interaction between life and form

Architecture as an interaction between life and form

The travelling exhibition Architetti al Centro (Architects in the Centre) took the architectural discipline, in the sense of it being a social commitment to safeguarding the quality of life of the individual, on tour to the major cities in the Marches region

Architetti al Centro, promoted by the PPC Association of Architects in the Province of Ancona and supported by Fir Italia, ended in Fabriano on September 6th. The objective of the event was to reaffirm the centrality of architecture in the economic and social development process, communicating the importance of this discipline to a diverse public of professionals and enthusiasts, and involving the city through public events, with displays of projects by professionals in outdoor exhibitions or in spaces other than those usually dedicated to cultural activities.

The 2014/2015 edition of " Architetti al centro " opened its doors to the Province, in full respect of its polycentric character, with  a series of events dedicated to the dissemination of architectural culture, which involved the historical and attractive cities of Ancona, Jesi, Senigallia and Fabriano.

After the inauguration in Ancona on September 19th - 20th 2014, the exhibition began its journey across the region, stopping in locations that represented the life and urban culture of the host city. On November 28th 2014, the second stage of the tour arrived in the town of Jesi, and was held in the historic location of the Herb Market. The exhibition then moved on to Senigallia, March 14th 2015, and was hosted by the Annonario Forum Complex and the Municipal Library that is located inside the complex.

The exhibition ended its journey, as already mentioned, in Fabriano, in collaboration with "Fabriano Creative City", and a series of events were held from September 4th - 6th.

The approach and popular character of the event attracted large numbers of professionals and enthusiasts throughout the various stages of the tour, who not only attended the conferences, but also live demonstrations, multimedia presentations, workshops and cooking shows. Different formats, with the discipline of architecture as the lowest common denominator.

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