Francesco Lucchese appointed Art Director of Fir Italia

Francesco Lucchese appointed Art Director of Fir Italia

To crown a long-standing collaboration with the company, Francesco Lucchese has now become the new Art Director of Fir Italia.

Francesco Lucchese, Architect and Designer is the founder of the Lucchesedesign Studio, a multidiscipline team with thirty years’ experience in architecture, design and business consultancy. The Studio works in various fields and coordinates company positioning projects, communications events, design exhibitions and product strategies, collaborating with leading Italian and foreign companies. Product design is followed throughout, managing all the related aspects through the artistic direction.

“The career of Artistic Direction began after several years collaborating in product design”, Francesco Lucchese explains, “when I worked with Fir Italia in building a strong cultural identity through a large catalogue with a complete product range addressed to various targets, that effectively responds to the global market needs. The innovation that has always distinguished the company in terms of products, has now become business potential and professionalism in technological research management”.

He continues: “At the same time, research is in progress to determine new style guidelines for the new collections, confirming our desire to address an increasingly international public”, to underline the intention to carry the company to an ever more sophisticated context with a new strategic vision, to develop and elevate the Fir Italia image even further to ensure it is unique and recognisable in the global scenario.

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