Milano, via Cesare Battisti

Milano, via Cesare Battisti

Two "custom" companies join forces. Fir Italia is partner of Tide, a company specialized in interior decoration, whose showroom has been inaugurated during the Milan Design Week 2019 in Via Cesare Battisti 1 (Milan).

A Fuorisalone event was scheduled from 9 to 14 April, with the taps of the Synergy collections taking center stage, in the brand new Silky Rose finishing, which is part of the Matt Luxe family: sophisticated colours and shades, embellished by slight effects and iridescent glows.

Matt Luxe is one of the many families of finishings in The Outfit programme, just launched by the Italian brand, which offers a wide and complete range of finishings that cover all the taps, and which have as their common denominator important research and development activities and a guarantee of reliability, proven by passing strict laboratory tests.

The Outfit finishings are based on a new and innovative technology, called Advanced Superfinish Process (ASP), the result of a mix of cutting-edge production processes. Each finishing or colour has its own unique and distinctive recipe.

A project that combines well with the "tailor made" feature of the new Tide showroom because it was designed to offer customers personalised solutions on request.

Tide – Tailored Italian Decors was born with the aim of creating a structure able to operate 360° in the luxury interior design sector. A structure that provides customers with all the tools and support they need to follow and develop the project from beginning to end.

A reality that differs from others in the sector because it is the only reference able to combine the aspect of pure supply with that of production, able to give a more complete and immediate service.

Perfectly in line with these characteristics, Fir Italia adheres to the Tide project offering very special installations characterized by the union of design and colour, in addition to a wide selection of products in the catalogue.  

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