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My Wellness & Showers

Shower and wellness solutions for both public and residential areas.

Get maximum relaxation with revitalizing water caresses and the beneficial influence of colours. My Wellness & Showers is Fir Italia selection of configurations to get immersed in a dimension of absolute wellness. Shower solutions for any type of bathroom, available in a number of versions with different design, installation type and size. The energy saving shower configuration allows efficient management of water consumption.

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Multifunctional shower heads

The Synergy model multifunctional shower heads are characterized by a design inspired by nature and are made of stainless steel with chrome finishing, while the inside of the shower head is in DuPont™ Corian®. The version with a complete chrome finishing is also available.

Playone models are multifunctional shower heads with square minimalist shapes. They are made of stainless steel, and also with chrome finishing.


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Multifunctional shower heads

Water saving shower solutions

All Fir Italia multifunctional shower heads are equipped with chromotherapy effects and rain, cascade and nebulizer jets, and they work starting from 10 litres per minute. "Green" shower solutions that allow optimizing the water flow regulation, maintaining the sensation of a vigorous and invigorating jet.


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The SPA experience, even at home

The bathroom is more and more important in the house as that special place where we can take care of ourselves. With Fir Italia multifunctional shower heads relive the experience of a spa treatment in your bathroom, pamper yourself with revitalizing tropical rain, refreshing cascade and stirring clouds of tiny water drops, whilst taking under control the consumption in terms of water supplied.


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Wellness-oriented shower configurations

In multifunctional shower configurations, the wall-mounted cascade water spout is a must: a number of jets and designs are available. Furthermore, the wall-mounted shower body sprays are the ideal elements to complete the shower configurations based on wellness, where the massages made with lateral water jets provide an added value.

As an alternative to single-jet hand showers, multifunctional hand showers with rain, aerated and massage jets can be chosen.


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Wellness-oriented shower configurations