My Wellness 85.7240.8

My Wellness


External part for built-in ceiling-mounted stainless steel shower head 380x380 mm.

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Available finishings

Art. 1000
Chrome Art. 85.7240.8.10.00

Technical details

Item that requires false ceiling.
Art. 380x380
Size of the square shower head. 380x380
Art. 144
Number of nozzles of the shower head. 144
Art. 7 L/min
Minimum water flow rate recommended for the correct functioning of the item. 7 L/min
Item equipped with Fast&Easy Clean anti-limescale nozzle system for removing limescale with a simple hand gesture.

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Complementary necessary articles

Art. 0524492

Built-in part for ceiling-mounted shower head.

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Art. 85.7240.8

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