Dynamica JK 89

Smooth and rounded volumes

Dynamica JK 89 is a collection of single-control mixer tap items with smooth, round contours that take their inspiration from current trends in the ambit of architecture and design.

The concept

The taps of Dynamica JK 89 collection are characterized, in addition to the round, full and elliptical shapes that transmit a sculptural softness, also for the vertical handle with joystick movement.

A rounded pleasant to the touch handle, for mixing the water through a soft movement and rotation.

Francesco Lucchese, Dynamica designer

The concept

The design

Each Dynamica JK 89 item is characterized by a design that develops an aesthetic journey: from the minimalism of the square base of the mixer body, to the full and rounded contours of the spout and vertical handle with joystick movement.

Versions: Tonic and Cascade

The taps of the Dynamica JK 89 collection are available with a Tonic jet, with a concealed jet-breaker from which a natural, unaerated water jet flows, or with a Waterfall jet that has a full and intense water jet, evoking the emotions incited by a refreshing waterfall.

Deck-mounted solutions

In addition to the wall-mounted versions of the product, Dynamica JK 89 also offers two, three or four-holed deck-mounted items for the bath area.

Available finishings

The articles included in Dynamica JK 89 collection are available in the following finishings

10.00 Chrome

The most popular traditional finishing, characterised by an elegant mirror effect.

10.00 Chrome

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Products list



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