Hotel Luganodante

Project: Hotel Luganodante

Location: Lugano, Switzerland

Interior designer: Rizoma Architetture Studio -

Product: Cleo 84 mixers and taps

Finishing: custom matt brushed black

The hotel

When natural elements meet the sophistication of a sartorial product, tailored to people’s needs, individual details are elevated to the nth degree, acquiring the ability to change the laws of spaces forever. Fir Italia and its historical collection of taps and mixers Cleo 84 with custom finishing are part of the revolutionary refurbishing project of the Luganodante Hotel, enriching the new hotel rooms, overlooking the dream-like landscape offered by Lake Lugano and its calm waters.

The Bologna-based firm Rizoma Architetture has redesigned the interiors of the Hotel according to the principle of hybrid hospitality, to the interconnection between the individual spaces of the building, resulting in an unconventional hotel where trendy and leisure atmospheres, the painstaking attention to detail and harmoniously balanced contrasts prevail.

The hotel


The same care in the choice of materials and finishings for the furnishings, as well as for lighting can also be found in the 70 new rooms of the hotel: padded headboards, “lacustrine” colours that echo the bluish and teal hues of lake Lugano, neutral fabrics and warmer ones for the curtains as well as sofa cushions, which blend well with the natural materials of the Canaletto walnut boiserie. The rooms are the intimate space of a hotel, but in the case of Luganodante they are part of a narrative, the new concept of hybrid hospitality, where the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere of the lobby seems to linger in the rooms, fitted out to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time.

The new mixers and taps

Choosing Fir Italia was certainly not accidental: the iconic range of taps and mixers Cleo 84, where the roundness of the spout meets the minimalist design of the lever, embodies that contrast between softness and sartorial neatness that reigns throughout the building, from the lobby to the individual rooms, to the restaurant and the innovative Creative Box, a meeting and lounge area rolled into one. Fir Italia has supplied the mixers for the washbasin, shower and bidet but also the shower heads, with custom matt brushed black finishings, products with a cool and minimalist concept, that stand out in contemporary settings and perfectly complement even the most exclusive bathrooms, such as those of the Luganodante Hotel.


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Custom solutions

The brand, which in 2019 introduced the now celebrated The Outfit programme – a wide and comprehensive range of colour finishings that “clothe” all taps – offers wholly customisable options, sartorially “tailored” to the needs and wishes of its recipients. As a matter of fact, through The Outfit programme, Fir Italia also offers the option of tailor-made solutions on request, and this project is an emblematic case in point.

Custom solutions

The philosophy of Fir Italia, based on the will to offer design creations inspired by fashion and architecture, as well as by nature, is also prominently featured in the new rooms of the hotel, with the appearance of unexpected contrasts between the natural elements and the more exquisitely material ones, where even the smallest detail matters. An example of this is the area reserved for guests, with a heightened contrast between the warmth of the Canaletto walnut wood, used for the boiserie, and the rational design of the desks and their details, imbued with a great aesthetic yet functional value. The encounter between Canaletto walnut and the apparent rigidity of other materials also features in the Creative Box, where it contrasts harmoniously with the satin brass of the kitchen and the tops of the coffee tables.

With their unmistakable and refined style Fir Italia taps and mixers seal a modern project with a strong emotional content, enriching an unconventional ambiance where contemporaneity and the enchantment of nature endlessly and seamlessly chase each other.

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