Care and cleaning

Recommendations and advice

We recommend you to adhere to the following instructions to maintain this product reliable and in perfect operating condition for a long time.


Never use detergents, abrasives, solvents, chemicals, products containing muriatic acid, ammonia, acetone, bleach, household acids, various disinfectants, rough and/or metal scouring pads and/or sponges that may irremediably spoil the product surface.

We recommend cleaning the product surface every day by wiping it using exclusively a soft cloth and water. Take care to dry immediately any drops or water build-ups since they may lead to the formation of lime scale deposits that could be difficult to remove at a later time.

Product care also includes regularly cleaning the aerator filter from impurities and/or lime scale. For correct decalcification, disassemble the aerator and place it into diluted vinegar (max concentration: 10% at 20°C) to remove lime scale deposits and/or dirt from the aerator filters. Leave it to soak for a few hours, and then rinse using only water.


We recommend that you check the hardness of the water, as well as the condition of the hydraulic systems: if the percentage of limestone presence were to be particularly high, we recommend the installation of a sand filter and/or poly-phosphate filter (water softening system).

In the same manner, in case of iron pipes or extremely dated ones and in bad conditions, we recommend, where possible, the replacement of the very system: the pipes, in fact, could release iron slag, which would corrode and jeopardize operation of the internal components of the articles. In such cases, as illustrated in the specific section, the warranty expires.

In case of water with a high lime scale content, we advice installing inspectable filter taps (codes 110503 and 110505) on both delivery lines of deck-mounted bathroom washbasins and bidets, and kitchen sinks. This will prolong the life of the cartridges with ceramic discs and bolts as the inspectable filter taps will retain foreign bodies, if any, that might damage the cartridge sealing.

Shower heads

In the case of articles with shower heads, we recommend their  frequent use (at least once every 5 days), to prevent the formation of limestone. A very sporadic use, in fact, favors limestone sedimentation, and the subsequent occurrence of malfunctions and abnormal water spurts.

Shower heads

Articles with details in DuPont™ Corian®

For cleaning the products properly, we recommend drying the DuPont™ Corian® part surfaces periodically with a soft cloth. In the event of a stain, rinse the surface with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth. Furthermore, we recommend that you do not use abrasive sponges or materials and substances that may irreparably scratch the DuPont™ Corian® surfaces.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the “Instructions for the use and care of DuPont™ Corian®” manual at the website

Articles with finishings with PVD treatments

In order to benefit for a long time and with the maximum satisfaction of the articles protected with PVD treatments, we recommend that you avoid contact of the surfaces of the articles with substances and/or products that contain fluorine and/or its derivatives, for example, toothpastes. In the case of contact with the latter, rinse immediately with water.

Articles with finishings with PVD treatments
Articles of the Glamour Style programme

Articles of the Glamour Style programme

The exclusive Glamour Style programme imagines and “dresses” the products for bathrooms with valuable materials rich in allure, such as the luxurious satin gold finishing Gold Glam, made by highly qualified craftsmen and obtained with a gold bath, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS brilliant crystals.

Therefore, any possible minor flatness irregularities of article surfaces  are not to be considered defects, but natural characteristics of the productive process, which exalts the craftsmanship and manual labour, making each article a unique creation. For such reasons, in the case of the Glamour Style articles, we recommend that you pay special care in thoroughly drying the water deposits after every use in order to avoid the formation of limestone.

We disclaim all responsibilities resulting from non-observance of the instructions above.

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