The Outfit , Fir Italia finishings

The Outfit, Fir Italia finishings

A wide and complete range of finishings, which have in common a high aesthetic value and a high durability. For all taps and mixers.
The Outfit offers finishing families with different characteristics, inspired by nature, architecture, interior design and fashion. Each finishing has its own unique and distinctive recipe: a feature that also allows customized solutions. The Outfit is available on all catalogue collections.
The Outfit new finishings are made by means of a combination of cutting-edge production processes called ASP - Advanced Superfinish Process. Such a new and innovative technology is able to guarantee a high aesthetic value thanks to sophisticated surface treatments that give the metal unique colours, shades and reflections, a great resistance to finger prints on the matt finishings and a good resistance to finger prints on both the polished and mirrored finishings, a high durability proven by the passing of severe laboratory tests.

The concepts, the finishing families

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