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Playone 85 is a collection of single-control mixer taps with modern square forms. The lines without sharp edges, rounded at the corners, create geometric volumes that exude design, aesthetic elegance and attention to detail.

The inspiration

Starting from a stretched and modern form, has been designed one body, characterized by clean and simple lines, a soft pleasant shape, following the features of the human body.

Francesco Lucchese, Playone designer

The concept

The innovative aspect of the Playone 85 concept lies in the shape and position of the lever, which extends out over the spout and completely covers the body of the tap. A characteristic that is found in all the products of the collection, with different sized levers depending on the item they are combined with.

Francesco Lucchese, Playone designer

The concept

Three versions: Tonic, Feng Shui, Cascade

Playone 85 taps are available in three versions


Tonic jet

A mix of water and invigorating and rejuvenating air pouring forth from the traditional jet-breaker.


Feng Shui jet

Freely flowing water that is visible inside the spout, giving a pleasant sensation of well-being and at the same time careful about the amount of water that is consumed.


Waterfall jet

Flowing water evoking the natural beauty of a foaming waterfall.

Playone 85 Tonic

Playone 85 Feng Shui

Playone 85 Cascade

Solutions for the bathtub area

Even floor-mounted installation
As for the wash basin mixers, the Playone 85 bath mixer collection also offers the Feng Shui version with visible freely flowing water, as an alternative to the Tonic jet with a conventional jet breaker. Alternatively to the wall-mounted bath mixer, the floor-mounted version of the bath mixer is also available.

Available finishings

The articles included in Playone 85 collection are available in the following finishings

10.00 Chrome

The most popular traditional finishing, characterised by an elegant mirror effect.

10.51 Chrome & Crystal
Chrome & Crystal

Finishing with chrome base and inserts with Crystals from Swarovski®.

10.00 Chrome
10.51 Chrome & Crystal

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Products list



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