Our values

1. More than 60 years of experience

Our company was established in 1957 as Fir Rubinetterie, and soon became known for its strong aptitude towards innovation in the industry of mixer taps for kitchens and bathrooms, from both an aesthetic and technological viewpoint. Over time, Fir Italia has gained a wealth of experience, growing together with the evolving tastes and needs of many generations.

2. Continuous research and innovation

Analysis of people’s tastes and needs represents the wealth on which we base the design of each product. We are driven by our commitment to continuous improvement, seeking innovative solutions to ensure that each of our taps is easy to use, with high aesthetic and functional quality.

3. Design and quality

Our modern and classic collections of mixer taps and shower heads for kitchens and bathrooms are characterised by the design and aesthetic value that uniquely identify each product. The Fir Italia catalogue offers a wide variety of styles. Our modern collections include an organic design that draws its inspiration from nature, maximalist round, full and elliptical shapes, minimalist cylindrical and square contours, as well as neoclassical, transversal and multifaceted styles. Whereas our classic collections offer vintage style reminiscent of the Belle Epoque, and the British inspired Old England.

4. Extensive and constantly up-dated product catalogue

Our general product catalogue is made up of over 5,000 finished articles, with a comprehensive range of constantly up-dated solutions for mixer taps, shower heads and bathroom accessories, all of which differ in design, style, materials, finishes, technology, and in types of water jets and installation.

5. Numerous variants of taps

A tap cannot adapt to all situations. For this reason, each of our collections includes different variants, depending on the environment or the sink, bath or shower area in which it is to be installed. An example? For the wash basin area we suggest taps that are suitable to install directly onto the sink, or to be deck-mounted, deck-mounted for wash bowls, wall, floor or ceiling-mounted.

6. Wide range of finishings

Fir Italia products stand out not only for the design but also for the numerous finishings available in addition to the traditional chrome: white, black, various grey tones, brushed finishings, various golden shades and very particular colours, which have in common a high aesthetic value and a high durability.

All this has a name for us: The Outfit, a complete programme of finishings made with a mix of cutting-edge production processes, called ASP - Advanced Superfinish Process.

7. Special materials

We seek and use special materials, such as the DuPont™ Corian® techno-surface, with specific features both aesthetically and technically. A choice able to offer great possibilities of material and colour combinations among taps and mixers, shower heads, accessories and other furnishing elements in the bathroom.

8. Energy conservation and ecological sustainability

We believe that a correct and functional design cannot disregard environmental needs and the preservation of primary resources. This is why all of our mixer taps and shower heads can be fitted with “green” water saving aerator or flow reducer to 6 l/m, with consequent savings in water consumption.

9. Customizations

Our inclination towards "artisanality" means that we try to fulfil every request. Do you have specific needs? We evaluate the possibility of customizing all the products in our catalogue: ranging from the possibility of asking for the lengthening or reduction in size of an element, to choosing finishes and colours that are not included in the catalogue, and much more...

10. Assistance services before, during and after the sale

Our philosophy takes us beyond the concept of the product, creating added value around it by offering our customers the expertise and professionalism of a team of professionals, who are able to advise, support and assist them before, during and after the sale. Furthermore, in the case of a project, you will have a Contract account dedicated exclusively to you.

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