Fir Italia S.p.A. end user guarantee


Fir Italia guarantees all its products (or part of them) at the terms and conditions and within the limits set forth here below, as of the date of purchase, for a period of:

• 5 years against casting defects;
• 5 years against defects in cartridges with ceramic discs and bolts;
• 2 years against defects in thermostatic cartridges;
• 5 years against chrome-plating defects;
• 5 years for all finish types other than chrome-plating (The Outfit);
• 5 years for components in stainless steel AISI 316L.


For modalities, revocation, limits and exclusions of the guarantee, refer to the booklet.

Please be reminded that the Fir Italia warranty on the finishes expires in the moment in which maintenance and cleaning are not performed adequately and on a continual basis.

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