Playone JK 86

Easy-to-use joystick lever

The Playone JK 86 collection of single-control mixer taps combines the minimalism of square forms with a highly visible and distinct joystick lever, in which design and functionality stand out.

The concept

The water is turned on and off through the smooth rotation of a slim vertical lever, designed with particular attention to proportions and ease of use and created for younger customers that enjoy experimenting with gestural controls.

Francesco Lucchese, Playone designer

The concept
Joystick lever

Joystick lever

Though clearly visible and recognizable, the Playone JK 86 joystick lever fits harmoniously and proportionately with the tap body.

Versions: Tonic, Feng Shui, Cascade

Playone JK 86 taps are available in three versions


Tonic jet

A mix of water and invigorating and rejuvenating air pouring forth from the traditional jet-breaker


Feng Shui jet

Freely flowing water that is visible inside the spout, giving a pleasant sensation of well-being and at the same time careful about the amount of water that is consumed


Cascade jet

Flowing water evoking the natural beauty of a foaming waterfall

Playone JK 86 tonic

Playone JK 86 feng shui

Playone JK 86 cascade

Precious finishings

In addition to the traditional chrome finish, Playone JK 86 taps are also available in the luxurious finishing with inserts of Swarovski® crystals.

Precious finishings
Solutions for the bathtub

Solutions for the bathtub

The bathtub in the bathroom is the place where to find the best comfort. For this area, a good proposal provides a four-hole deckmounted bath mixer with joystick lever control, a solution dedicated to the contemporary users who love being surrounded by simple items, yet beautifully detailed, in which design and functionality emerge as distinctive features.

Available finishings

The articles included in Playone JK 86 collection are available in the following finishings


10.00 Chrome
10.00 Chrome
Chrome 10.00


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