Playone Plus 37

Classic inspiration, modern spirit

Playone Plus 37 is a collection of dual-control mixer taps with minimalist square lines, with handles that are inspired by the classic shapes of cross levers.

The inspiration

The inspiration

The four-point water flow controls are reminiscent of the arithmetic + sign and are inspired by the classic shapes of cross levers, at the same time respecting the clean, square lines of modern collections.

Francesco Lucchese, Playone designer

The concept

The wash basin taps in the Playone Plus 37 collection are designed around three holes: two either side for the water flow controls with the Plus handle, characterised by strong geometry and designed for customers that love tradition, and one central hole for the water spout.

The concept

Versions: Tonic, Feng Shui, Cascade

Playone Plus 37 taps are available in three versions


Tonic jet

A mix of water and invigorating and rejuvenating air pouring forth from the traditional jet-breaker


Feng Shui jet

Freely flowing water that is visible inside the spout, giving a pleasant sensation of well-being and at the same time careful about the amount of water that is consumed


Cascade jet

Flowing water evoking the natural beauty of a foaming waterfall

Single-holed variants

Single-holed variants

As well as three-holed tap sets, Playone Plus 37 also offers dual- control single-holed taps for the wash basin and bidet areas, which are available with either Tonic or Cascade jets.   

Glamour Style

Playone Plus 37 taps are available also in Chrome & Crystal special finishing, embellished with Swarovski® crystals on the handles.

Glamour Style

Available finishings

The articles included in Playone Plus 37 collection are available in the following finishings


10.00 Chrome
10.00 Chrome
Chrome 10.00


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