PlaySteel 58 58.4121.4

PlaySteel 58


Deck-mounted water spout, center distance 155 mm long, 190 mm high.

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All finishings

Art. 5000
Stainless Steel Art. 58.4121.4.50.00


Brushed stainless steel.

Art. 5000
Stainless Steel Art. 58.4121.4.50.00
The new range of Fir Italia finishes.
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Technical details

Item requiring a deck installation.
Art. 0500473
Item equipped with cache aerator. 0500473
Art. 5 L/min
Water saving item. 5 L/min

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Useful information

  • Cleaning

    Articles in stainless steel

    Fir Italia taps and shower heads in stainless steel AISI 316L ensure long lasting durability. However, products are subjected to constant stress with daily use and therefore daily care and specific treatments are essential to preserve the beauty of steel surfaces. In particular, we strongly recommend drying any drops or water build-ups on the product thoroughly with a soft cloth.

    Do not leave wet cloths or sponges on steel to prevent the formation of unsightly water stains. Do not leave iron tools in contact with steel surfaces, as doing so may cause corrosion by contact. Do not use abrasive sponges or steel wool that may scratch surfaces. Never for any reason use detergents containing chlorine or its compounds (bleach, muriatic acid, descaling solvent, etc.) as doing so could corrode the composition of steel, irreparably staining or oxidising surface. It is generally best not to leave opened packets or bottles of detergent or other chemical acid composition products in the vicinity of steel taps: the fumes may in some cases oxidise and corrode the steel.

  • Maintenance

    Product care also includes regularly cleaning the aerator filter from impurities and/or lime scale. For correct decalcification, disassemble the aerator and place it into diluted vinegar (max concentration: 10% at 20°C) to remove lime scale deposits and/or dirt from the aerator filters. Leave it to soak for a few hours, and then rinse using only water.

  • Installation

    We recommend that you check the hardness of the water, as well as the condition of the hydraulic systems: if the percentage of limestone presence were to be particularly high, we recommend the installation of a sand filter and/or poly-phosphate filter (water softening system). In the same manner, in case of iron pipes or extremely dated ones and in bad conditions, we recommend, where possible, the replacement of the very system: the pipes, in fact, could release iron slag, which would corrode and jeopardize operation of the internal components of the articles. In such cases, as illustrated in the specific section, the warranty expires. In case of water with a high lime scale content, we advice installing inspectable filter taps (codes 1105032 and 1105052) on both delivery lines of deck-mounted bathroom washbasins and bidets, and kitchen sinks. This will prolong the life of the cartridges with ceramic discs and bolts as the inspectable filter taps will retain foreign bodies, if any, that might damage the cartridge sealing.

Trademarks, images, technical drawings, texts and further contents of this document are of Fir Italia S.p.A. exclusive property and are protected by copyright and by trademark right. Fraudulent reproduction, further elaboration or further uses with electronic media, for private or commercial utilization are, without preventive Fir Italia S.p.A. authorization, expressly forbidden.

Art. 58.4121.4

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