Classic bathroom accessories SC.ME11.A

Classic bathroom accessories


Electric fixed towel heating rail, 615 mm high, center distance 470 mm long.

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All finishings

Art. 1000
Chrome Art. SC.ME11.A.10.00
Art. 1300
Majestic Gold Art. SC.ME11.A.13.00
Art. 1400
Deluxe Gold Art. SC.ME11.A.14.00
Art. 1409
Deluxe Gold & Brown Ceramic Art. SC.ME11.A.14.09


The most popular traditional finishing, characterised by an elegant mirror effect.

Art. 1000
Chrome Art. SC.ME11.A.10.00


Shiny golden finishings, in various shades of yellow gold and English gold.

Art. 1300
Majestic Gold Art. SC.ME11.A.13.00
Art. 1400
Deluxe Gold Art. SC.ME11.A.14.00
Art. 1409
Deluxe Gold & Brown Ceramic Art. SC.ME11.A.14.09
The new range of Fir Italia finishes.
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Technical details

Item requiring a wall installation.
Art. 158
Heat output of the item in Watts. 158
Art. 539
Heat output of the item in BTU/h. 539
Art. 136
Heat output of item in Kcal/h. 136

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Useful information

  • Cleaning

    Never use detergents, abrasives, solvents, chemicals, products containing muriatic acid, ammonia, acetone, bleach, household acids, various disinfectants, rough and/or metal scouring pads and/or sponges that may irremediably spoil the product surface. We recommend cleaning the product surface every day by wiping it using exclusively a soft cloth and water. Take care to dry immediately any drops or water build-ups since they may lead to the formation of lime scale deposits that could be difficult to remove at a later time.

    Articles with Swarovski® crystals

    Products embellished with Swarovski® crystals are made by highly qualified craftsmen and are part of the exclusive Glamour Style program, which imagines and “dresses” bathroom products with valuable materials, rich in allure. Swarovski® crystals are delicate elements and therefore must be handled with special care. To ensure that the product remains in the best possible condition over time and to maximise brilliance, polish thoroughly with a soft, lint-free cloth and clean by hand with warm water (do not soak). Avoid contact with harsh, abrasive materials and glass/window cleaners. For these reasons, we recommend taking special care to thoroughly dry water build-up after each use to prevent the formation of lime scale. For more detailed instructions, refer to the website

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Art. SC.ME11.A

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